XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA), included with every HPE NonStop server since 2010, is an easy-to-use and integral security component of the HPE NonStop operating system.  XMA collects data from application, system and audit logs into a single, normalized SQL database to generate reports and forward data to your log management or analytics solution.  Exciting, right?

Without having to purchase any additional software, XMA communicates directly with enterprise solutions like Splunk “…to modernize your security operations and strengthen your cyber defenses”.  

Data is collected from EMS, Safeguard, ACI BASE24, iTP Webserver, XYGATE installations and much more. This data is aggregated, filtered, formatted, and selectively forwarded in real-time.  Did I mention you don’t have to try or buy any additional software?  XMA is on your NonStop servers already! You own it!

Getting HPE NonStop server data to Splunk is easy.  Whether your data is in native XMA/NonStop format, Common Event Format (CEF) or a custom format, it can be sent to multiple targets via TCP or UDP.  The only thing to decide is which data you want to send.  

XMA is installed and set up within minutes. Configuring XMA to forward data to Splunk takes even less time. All you need is the IP address, port and transport method (TCP or UDP). Pop those settings into the template inside of your XMA filters file and off you go. 

Sit back, relax, and let your SOC monitor the log data from Splunk, while you enjoy modern, intelligent, and intuitive enterprise dashboards. 

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