Our Mission

Since our founding in 1983, technology leaders and corporate decision makers at companies processing mission critical data have used XYPRO security solutions to protect against catastrophic data loss, financial loss, reputation damage and regulatory intervention, through all stages of their company’s growth. Delivering HPE NonStop risk management solutions longer than anyone, we strive for meaningful and strategic business relationships while providing great support and delivering leading edge security solutions. At XYPRO, we believe that no data is as important as your data and we protect your data as if it was our own.


Be Reliable & Responsible

When you make the effort to ensure you’ve done all you can to answer that question, fulfill that request, meet that deadline or discover the solution to that problem – we all win.


Build Positive Channels of Communication

We make the effort to ensure effective communication at all levels; empathy up and down the chain is critical. When we trust each other, the customers can trust us.

Care Enough

Quality is the result when you care enough to “make sure it’s right.”

Excellent Service is the Only Kind

What kind of customer service would you expect? 

Embrace Growth & Innovation

There’s always room for improvement and innovation is only successful when in conjunction with the ability to deliver the result to a market that exists.

Hard Work & Cooperation (Without Forgetting the Fun!)

We’re not here to mark the time between 8 and 5. Our customers deserve our best effort, your coworkers deserve your best effort. All while toasting victories, celebrating birthdays, and other good excuses to eat cake!

Love What You Do

If you don’t, you owe it to yourself to ask “why?”

Be Humble

Humility is not weakness.  Receive feedback and turn criticism into a plan for growth and development.