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SAP HANA® Security and Compliance
Automatically Secure SAP HANA with WASL
Secure the core of your enterprise.

WASL - Secure the Core (2024.04.24)

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Secure and compliant in minutes, not weeks

Deploys in


Delivers proven

Enterprises need SAP HANA like we need oxygen. You know it – and so do cybercriminals. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your most vital systems are kept compliant and secure.

WASL is the automated security and compliance solution for SAP HANA that deploys in minutes – not weeks or months – and enables over 90% compliance with SAP’s latest security standards at a fraction of the cost of custom-built solutions.

Once installed, WASL continually updates SAP HANA, issues actionable audit reports and offers deep visibility into security status.

WASL integrates easily into your SAP HANA workflow.

Trusted by enterprises worldwide

Protect Your Core

Increases security

SAP HANA is the lifeblood of your enterprise – and a prime target for attacks. WASL protects your most important data automatically.

Improves compliance

Gain 90% out-of-box compliance to Linux and SAP HANA security standards.

Deploys in minutes

Don’t wait weeks or months to develop custom solutions. WASL can be up and running right away.

Delivers constant visibility

WASL issues comprehensive audit reports, and you can view reports through a browser-based dashboard.

Proven performance

Developed by HP Enterprise, WASL is purpose-built for SAP HANA and has been implemented in enterprises of all sizes.

WASL supports:

1.0, 2.0

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x, 8.x, 9.x

SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP HANA 12.x, 15.x

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12.x, 15.x

Microsoft Windows Server 

Robust features

Security assessment

Enable seamless one-click assessments for SAP HANA, effortlessly fortifying your organization against vulnerabilities and threats

Harden OS/workload

Automate security hardening, ensuring robust defense measures for Linux and Windows operating systems

Speed and simplicity

Save time and eliminate the hassle of navigating through extensive SAP HANA documentation and CIS benchmarks

Default OS and workload-based policies

Default policies crafted from CIS benchmarks, ensuring a robust defense aligned with industry best practices

Policy customization

Customize security policies to meet your unique needs and preferences while ensuring a seamless and robust defense for SAP HANA


Workload-aware policies dynamically adapt to the unique demands of your SAP HANA environment for comprehensive and adaptive security

Reset to original state

Quick and hassle-free policy management allows effortless policy resets to their original state with just one click

Roll back to last hardening operation

Confidently roll back to the last known good state for swift remediation and integrity


Tailor security measures according to your unique needs

Consolidated review

Unparalleled visibility and control over your SAP HANA security posture provides a comprehensive and easily navigable snapshot of your system’s security status

Single point of control

Convenience of a single point of control centralizes SAP HANA security management, ensuring simplified administration


Harmonize advanced security protocols for SAP HANA with a single click for unified defense and safeguarding against diverse cyber threats

Take a deep dive into WASL.

Read our datasheet to learn more about how WASL can deliver greater security and compliance for SAP HANA.