XYGATE Identity Connector (XIC)

Connectors for HPE NonStop Servers

Managing strong passwords and credentials is often a challenge. Ensuring they are stored properly, changed regularly, meet complexity and compliance requirements and are auditable can be overwhelming to implement and manage.

Current solutions for requesting and managing user access are outdated and inefficient. Processes are manual, complex and don’t map to the core business initiatives driving change within the enterprise. Governance is often an afterthought, leaving many enterprises vulnerable to increased security risks and potential non-compliance with external regulations or internal corporate mandates.

XIC was the easiest software implementation I’ve ever seen.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility and Control of NonStop user data directly from SailPoint IdentityIQ
  • Quickly detect risks and entitlement issues
  • Automate the provisioning process
  • Address account compliance concerns
  • SailPoint Certified Integration
  • CyberArk Certified Integration
  • Integrated with XYGATE Suite

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