XYPRO Products

Risk Management & Real-Time Threat Detection

NonStop Security Intelligence & Analytics

Reduce Mean Time To Detection using NonStop Security Intelligence and Analytics

Key Benefits

  • Realtime File & System Integrity Monitoring
  • Appliance Sentry for Linux CLIMs and Windows Console
  • Realtime Security Intelligence & Analytics / Anomalies & Threat Detection
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Privileged Access Management, RBAC, Realtime Object Security

SAP HANA and Linux Security

WASL – Workload Aware Security Layer

Key Benefits

  • Evaluate  Linux OS compliance
  • Reduce security compliance deployment from weeks to minutes
  • Evaluate SAP HANA compliance
  • Remediate Linux OS to industry standards
  • Remediate SAP HANA to SAP security standards

Enterprise Identity & Access Management

Addresses fundamental HPE NonStop security requirements and eliminates problematic issues.

Key Benefits

  • Automated Provisioning
  • Encrypted Communications
  • Simplified Audit & Compliance
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Certified Integrations

Secure Database Management

Modern, graphical-based solutions to manage NonStop SQL and Enscribe databases.

Key Benefits

  • Auditing subsystem records user activities, and provides summary and detailed audit reports
  • Fully supports SQL/MX and SQL/MP
  • Provides support for all DDL operations
  • Includes support for execution plan capture, display and reporting
  • The Visual Query Tuner supports tuning queries to improve query performance
  • Tracks changes automatically in SQL modules execution plans

Trusted Security & Implementation Services

Efficient and fully implemented services.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced Security Professionals
  • Identify Risks and Gaps
  • Recommendations & Actionable Insights
  • Faster ROI

HPE Software from XYPRO

XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) and User Authentication (XUA)

Key Benefits

  • Collect Data from any HPE NonStop and Application Source
  • Forward data to both on premise or cloud environments
  • Integrate with Splunk, RSA Netwitness, ElasticSearch, Logrhythm, Arcsight and more
  • Highly scalable, reliable and secure
  • Nothing additional to purchase. You already own it!
  • Tracks changes automatically in SQL modules execution plans
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