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As security professionals, we have to get it right 100% of the time. Criminals have to be right just once.

By identifying, in real-time, security events driven by actual malicious activity and not bombarding you with every possible “incident”, XYPRO Solutions can free up your IT resources by up to 80%.

Know What is Happening in Real-Time

A centralized summary or detail view of the relevant activity from your servers, appliances and users.

XYPRO Security Solutions Reduce Risk

XYPRO’s Security Dashboard alerts you to potential security threats before they can become breaches.

"XYPRO is the best investment we ever made in NonStop security."

— CTO BankServ Africa 

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Here at XYPRO, we're constantly researching, discovering, and investing in new ways to minimize your security risk. Contact us today to learn how XYPRO solutions protect your data.

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