Have we become numb to the news of security breaches?  Unfortunately, the attacks on our businesses, personal lives and even global infrastructure are not slowing down. Cybercrime is up over 600% during the pandemic. According to Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report, 61% of cyberattacks targeted credential theft. This far surpasses personal, banking and payment card information which have been primary targets for years. The cybersecurity industry has responded with a variety of ways to  protect sensitive data with regulations, technology and awareness, which has forced attackers to look for easier targets, such as usernames and passwords.

COVID-19 phishing scams continue targeting remote workers isolated from their day-to-day environments, making it easier to breach technical defences and compromise credentials. The good news? There is one simple, yet powerful action that can ensure 99.9% effectiveness against credential theft – implement multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA adds a second factor to the authentication process before access is granted. This can be a key fob, token, short code or biometrics. There is no better time to implement multi-factor authentication across your critical applications, servers and services because frankly, if it’s not there, then you’re already late. If we continue to delay, time will pass and there will be no excuses left, only breaches that could have been prevented.

MFA  is already on your HPE NonStop server.  XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) is ready to turn on with no additional software or infrastructure needed and delivers industry standard, multi-factor authentication which integrates your NonStop environment with enterprise authentication providers such as Microsoft Active Directory, RSA SecurID, Google Authenticator, and many others.

Visit our website to learn more about XUA and XMA, both included on your HPE NonStop servers.

XYPRO and HPE Expand Partnership to provide ZERO Trust to HPE NonStop

In 2021 XYPRO announced the expansion of a decades-long partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to deliver XYPRO’s entire suite through HPE NonStop systems. HPE NonStop systems, which tackle mission critical environments requiring 100% fault tolerance, are now available with expanded XYPRO Zero Trust solutions for threat detection and security management.

This partnership expansion extends availability of database management, security and integration technology to help customers implement Zero Trust to protect their mission critical environment and includes XYPRO’s flagship product – XYGATE SecurityOne, a patented security, compliance and threat detection platform and XYGATE Identity Connector, the first and only SailPoint and CyberArk integrations for HPE NonStop systems. HPE NonStop customers can now be fully integrated into the enterprise with ZERO Trust security. 

NonStopTBC 2021 – Must-See Sessions Screen grabs of Sessions from HPE NonStop TBC 2021

This year’s NonStop TBC focused heavily on HPE’s commitment to security and providing modern, innovative methods for securing HPE NonStop servers. Not surprisingly, Zero Trust security topics dominated several sessions, and as the most complete provider of Zero Trust security for the HPE NonStop environment, XYPRO was the predominant solution. Everyone wanted to hear more. 

Connect and HPE pulled off making the last-minute move from in-person to virtual. With so many sessions to choose from, it was impossible to see everything in real-time.  Here are some of the best security sessions & database: 

  1. TBC21-601 – HPE Pointnext Security ServicesLearn about the security services that are included in the Service Credits menu, and how HPE Pointnext Services and XYPRO help customers secure their NonStop Servers.
  2. TBC21-X05 – See SecurityOne (XS1) in Action – managing security through a single pane of glass offers viewers a look inside XYPRO’s security intelligence, threat detection and analytics platform that uses a secure browser interface and patented contextualization technology to detect potential attacks BEFORE they become harmful breaches.
  3. TBC21-603 – XYPRO Product Family Now Available Through HPE – provides an overview of XYPRO’s ZERO Trust suite of security and compliance tools available directly from HPE. This partnership exemplifies XYPRO’s innovation commitment addressing the challenges and requirements of NonStop customers..
  4. TBC21-405 –  Advanced Database Management with SQLXPress – A must for ANY application environment, this presentation highlights how SQLXPress from XYPRO is gold standard, secure database management. HPE product manager Roland Lemoine demonstrates productivity and best in class performance for your database and applications..
  5. TBC21-607 – XYGATE SecurityOne  –  3 1/2 hour, deep-dive Education Session demo of the configuration and operation of XYGATE SecurityOne. Presenters Dave Teal and William Ferrara give viewers the skills, tools and strategies to take advantage of this comprehensive solution to secure and monitor their enterprise through a single pane of glass.

We wrote a whole article about the Top 10 sessions at NonStopTBC 2021 – read it here.

Enterprise Integration for your HPE NonStop Workloads – SailPoint, CyberArk and Servicenow

XYPRO has partnered with cybersecurity industry leaders SailPoint, CyberArk and Servicenow to provide the first and only SailPoint and CyberArk certified integrations for NonStop. 

XYGATE for CyberArk integrates your HPE NonStop servers with your CyberArk Password Vault and Privileged Session Manager, closing the security gap by providing privileged account management, session visibility and hardening in the privileged access management process using NonStop emulators, such as OutsideView. 

Most NonStop environments also have SailPoint IdentityIQ in their IT ecosystem.  Adding the integration with SailPoint IdentityIQ enables user governance, provisioning, automation and reconciliation of HPE NonStop user accounts directly from SailPoint. 

Ensuring employees have the correct access to the right business applications and IT resources is a critical requirement with which many companies struggle.  Current solutions for requesting and managing user access are inefficient, manual, complex, and outdated. Governance is often an afterthought, leaving enterprises vulnerable to security risks and exposed to compliance issues. Many organizations are using CyberArk and SailPoint to manage their technology assets. These solutions, which are now fully integrated with HPE NonStop, allows businesses to automate a growing technology landscape while addressing security and compliance risk. XYPRO’s certified integrations provide complete control over who has access to your NonStop servers from your enterprise CyberArk and SailPoint instance.These integrations secure your environment against credential theft and adds a very critical layer to your ZERO Trust security model. 

This year especially, we have seen too many breaches targeting credentials and privileged accounts, and if we don’t shift our focus, we will  see these types of attacks continue into 2022. Passwords are archaic. The way to combat this risk is introducing a second factor for authentication. A second factor adds a layer of complexity to the authentication process and provides immense value in terms of addressing the risk. We’ve heard for years that multi-factor authentication should be turned on for everything, yet it’s rarely implemented. Until we shift our mindset and sacrifice a little bit of convenience for a massive amount of security – these types of massive, high profile attacks will only continue to increase.