Cybersecurity and data breaches are a top story nearly every week, and it seems every software vendor’s messaging is about security – whether those vendors are security experts or not.

On the surface it must seem like everyone is saying the same thing. So how do you know where to invest your time, resources and trust?

XYPRO’s trusted security solutions are innovative, modern, and backed by a global team of experienced security and software experts. We focus on next-gen technologies and methodologies like Zero Trust, cloud, ML/AI and use secure development practices to ensure our customers have the most up to date and secure solutions available on the market. True Strategic partnerships with HPE and the industry’s top cybersecurity companies reinforce that trust in us. No one has been doing this longer than XYPRO!

What makes XYPRO different?
There are a number of costly security solutions out there attempting to sell you something you already have! HPE counts on XYPRO security solutions and includes several XYPRO products with the HPE NonStop operating system. You can use them right now – nothing extra to purchase. How’s that for saving time and money?

SPLUNK Integration – Included with every NonStop server
XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA), included with every HPE NonStop server, is the HPE supported method for integrating your NonStop data with log management and analytics solutions, like Splunk.

Without having to purchase any additional software, XMA integrates HPE NonStop data with Splunk “…to modernize your security operations and strengthen your cyber defenses”.

This powerful combination provides:

  • A single repository for security, audit and application data
  • Integrates NonStop data with SIEMs, SOARs and analytics
  • Is required for compliance and auditing
  • Extensible to custom and home-grown applications
  • Powerful real-time alerting and reporting

HPE NonStop Splunk Integration is still one of our most popular webinarswatch it here! Learn how to become a SPLUNK hero in 15 minutes!

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) is also included on your HPE NonStop servers with no additional software or infrastructure investment. XUA provides multi-factor authentication for your users and applications – at no cost! Based on industry standards, XUA integrates with enterprise authentication providers such as Microsoft Active Directory, RSA SecurID, Google Authenticator, and many others.

Application MFA
XYGATE Application MFA is an add-on to your XUA environment that sets up in minutes and integrates with your existing XUA environment.

Strengthen the security of existing HPE NonStop applications with industry leading, multi-factor authentication. XYGATE Application MFA offers multiple implementations: Screen Cobol Applications, ACI’s BASE24 and more.

Extend the Power of CyberArk to HPE NonStop Workloads
XYGATE for CyberArk integrates HPE NonStop servers with the CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault (EPV) and Privileged Session Manager (PSM). Close the gap with privileged account management, session visibility and security in the privileged access management process. CyberArk for HPE NonStop servers is a CyberArk certified, fully supported solution.

Integrate HPE NonStop Servers with SailPoint Identity Governance
XYGATE Identity Connector (XIC) integrates your NonStop servers with SailPoint IdentityIQ for user governance, provisioning and reconciliation of HPE NonStop user accounts directly from SailPoint.

Current solutions for requesting and managing user access are inefficient, manual, complex, and outdated. Governance is often an afterthought, leaving enterprises vulnerable to security risks and exposed to compliance issues.

SailPoint, the market leader in Identity Governance and Administration, allows businesses to automate an ever-growing technology landscape while addressing security and compliance risk.

XYPRO and SailPoint partner to provide the first and ONLY SailPoint certified integration for HPE NonStop servers.

The ServiceNow module for XYGATE validates privileged commands against Problem, Change and Incident Tickets, granting or denying execution based on the response from ServiceNow. This integration eliminates the complex, after-the-fact, manual effort otherwise required to match NonStop executed commands with individual ServiceNow tickets.

Threat Detection and Security Data Analytics
XYGATE SecurityOne(XS1) is a unified Security Management and Data Analytics platform for HPE NonStop environments for real-time Risk Management, Threat Detection, Vulnerability Assessment, Compliance Reporting and Integrity Monitoring.

Deployed on premise or in the cloud, XS1 is a complement to your SIEM. Using XYPRO’s patented contextualization technology, XS1 helps enterprise SIEMS like Splunk analyze, identify threats, and alert quickly on NonStop security incidents.

Improve the productivity of security operations while maintaining compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR and others.

File, System and User Integrity Monitoring
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is a foundational requirement for nearly all security frameworks. FIM identifies unexpected or malicious activity across critical system files, diagnoses unwanted or inadvertent changes, and protects against catastrophic user error before it has a chance to cause damage and disruption.

Organizations that collect credit card transactions and payments data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements 10.5.5 and 11.5 that state “organizations must make efforts to monitor file modifications and ensure the integrity of critical logs from within their Cardholder Data Environment (CDE).”

On HPE NonStop servers, XYGATE SecurityOne (XS1) is the most intelligent, and comprehensive solution available for NonStop customers – backed by the global XYPRO and HPE partnership. XS1 alerts when key files, objects, or system configurations are viewed, deleted, modified or ownership has changed. XS1 identifies who made the change and if the change put the system at risk or violated policy – IN REAL TIME!

This intelligent form of real-time integrity monitoring simplifies monitoring and helps meet the strictest of compliance requirements while reducing noise generated by unnecessary alerts. Your resources are focused on the most critical security events.

HPE NonStop servers are the core of mission critical organizations and are vital to our daily lives; how we shop, pay, bank, and communicate. XYPRO collaborates with our customers, technology partners and HPE to develop solutions that maximize your HPE NonStop investment, addressing your security and integration needs.

Keep an eye out for XYPRO’s annual Roadmap Webinar coming in February 2022.