Whether you need to provision users on one or multiple HPE NonStop servers, XYGATE Identity Connector (XIC) elegantly integrates your NonStop servers with your SailPoint enterprise solution.  Achieve user governance, provisioning and reconciliation of HPE NonStop user accounts directly from SailPoint.

Ensuring employees have the correct access to the right business applications and IT

resources is a critical requirement with which many companies struggle.  Current solutions for requesting and managing user access are inefficient, manual, complex, and outdated. Governance is often an afterthought, leaving enterprises vulnerable to security risks and exposed to compliance issues.

Many organizations are adopting solutions like SailPoint to manage their technology assets. SailPoint, the market leader in Identity Governance and Administration, allows businesses to automate an ever-growing technology landscape while addressing security and compliance risk.

SailPoint Certified

XYPRO and SailPoint have partnered to provide the first and only SailPoint certified integration for HPE NonStop servers. XIC for SailPoint provides complete control over who has access to your NonStop servers from your enterprise SailPoint instance. 

SailPoint Benefits

SailPoint is a flexible identity governance software designed to provide efficient, all-encompassing visibility into who is doing what in your environment via rapid automation of identity and access management across the enterprise. Other benefits:

  • Automated User Provisioning – Give users the access they need as they join an organization
  • Access Request – Empower users with automated application and data access 
  • Access Certification – Always ensure users have the right access
  • Integrate with CyberArk The market leader in Privileged Access Management
  • Free up Resources – eliminate time consuming manual processes that are costly and error prone
  • Simplify Audit Activity
  • And much more…

Why XYPRO and SailPoint?

SailPoint’s industry-leading, powerful access certifications, governance controls and logical workflows allow NonStop customers to take full advantage of the capabilities provided by SailPoint that have long been available for other platforms.

A common use case is user account provisioning and deprovisioning. With XIC, when an identity is provisioned through SailPoint, HPE NonStop is now an option to select. Once selected, the userid and all relevant attributes are automatically created on your HPE NonStop servers. No user intervention. No emails being sent to administrators and no manual processes. Similarly, when an identity is disabled through SailPoint, the corresponding account is immediately disabled on all NonStop servers on which it was provisioned.

When that identity is removed using SailPoint, the account is immediately removed from all NonStop servers, ensuring the removal of stale accounts, improving your relationship with your auditors, and strengthening your security procedures at the same time.

XYGATE Identity Connector is a lightweight, easy to deploy, executable using a micro service framework and standard SCIM 2.0 protocols. Simply configure the service XML with the specific HPE NonStop server properties and run the deployer. XYPRO’s NonStop Identity Connector deploys quickly in a JAVA Virtual Machine (JVM) on OSS. No other software is required. Installation is simple, quick and secure.

Join our Webinar

Join SailPoint and XYPRO on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 for a joint webinar where we’ll discuss the benefits of integrating SailPoint and your HPE NonStop server environment with XYGATE Identity Connector. We’ll walk through the most common use cases that have simplified HPE NonStop administration activities.