Having been involved in the HPE NonStop industry for many years, and then away from it for the last 2-3, I was truly excited to attend the March DUST meeting in Phoenix as part of the XYPRO team which included Steve Tcherchian and Jay Price. This was my chance to brush the dust off my old NonStop knowledge that I had put on the shelf and get back into the swing of things.
This would be my second TUG in my first 2 weeks of joining XYPRO. The first was SCTUG in Southern California where Ken Scudder presented the Top 10 HPE NonStop Security Fundamentals and Steve gave a brief overview of XYPRO’s newest product, XYGATE SecurityOne®(XS1). While the XYPRO presentations were very good for me to hear, and learn from, the number of NonStop customers in the room was pretty light so I didn’t really get to see how the message was being received.
The attendance at DUST was a different story – with nearly 40 people in attendance I was looking forward to the XYPRO presentation and the response it might generate. For this meeting Chris Draper, of Wells Fargo, presented a customer perspective on XS1. Chris’s presentation didn’t focus on the features/functions of XS1 but rather on Wells Fargo’s approach to taking events/incidents from the HPE NonStop server and linking them together to give them notice, or advance warning, of a future event or security violation.
Chris talked about how Wells Fargo actually undertook the task themselves to create such an application. The internal effort began with the goal of developing and deploying an application that would gather, analyze and provide notice of potential future security events. Wells soon realized that while they could accomplish some of their business objectives on their own, they needed a much more robust and comprehensive solution to meet their current needs. They also needed a solution that would give them a platform to grow as future requirements were identified. The complexity of this project lead Wells Fargo to select XS1 as their ‘Intelligent Security Solution for NonStop Incidents’.
I have to say I consider myself lucky. Being able to see a product from a business perspective and a customer perspective in my first month at XYPRO gave me a great understanding of the importance and XS1 has for XYPRO and the impact on the HPE NonStop community. It’s one thing to see a product’s features/functions presentation but it is much more powerful to have a customer present as we get an insight to the rational and business requirements behind their selection of a solution like XS1.
Based on the comments and questions following the presentation I think there is a great opportunity for XS1 and I am looking forward to being part of it!
Jeff Boyer
Account Executive
XYPRO Technology