Top Global Financial Institution Standardizes HPE NonStop Database Management with XYPRO Secure Database Technology

Ensure your applications perform at their best.


The client, a large US-headquartered financial institution, is a multinational, independent investment bank and financial services company assisting individuals, corporations, and municipalities. With more than 8,100 financial advisors serving approximately 3 million accounts in more than 2,600 locations throughout the United States, Canada and overseas, total client assets approach $1 trillion.

The Challenge

The client was seeking an easy-to-use query and reporting solution for the management of
their core business application databases, which are hosted on the HPE NonStop server. The detailed list of requirements included optimal database performance, increased DBA productivity, reduced operational risk, facilitation of a large data center migration, support for both NonStop SQL/MX and SQL/MP, as well as their new x86 upgrade.

As a FORTUNE 500 company, it was critical to ensure their order management systems,
along with other core applications, are always available and performing at an optimal level.
The large financial institution was seeking a solution that not only addressed all their technical
requirements, but they also wanted to simplify the user experience while delivering a low total
cost of ownership and quick time to value.

The Solution

After exploring several approaches, including homegrown options, the client selected
SQLXPress from XYPRO. Once XYPRO’s secure database management solution was
introduced, the results were immediate. SQLXPress produced reports and metrics for capacity
planning, impact analysis, and problem resolution. Specific reports relied on multiple NonStop
data sources including SQL metadata, Guardian file system, TMF, SCF, PSTATE, and more.
The correlated data gave the client a holistic view and a baseline of their entire HPE NonStop
SQL environment. Such quick access to this information allowed them to finally start prioritizing
their activities.

One of the most relied upon SQLXPress features is the VISUAL QUERY TUNER. The client’s
database administrators were able to create intuitive execution plans which quickly identified
poorly performing queries, allowing them to quickly remediate and instantly show improved
performance. Their own DBAs used SQLXPress to execute “Update Statistic” commands, as
well as create and drop problematic indexes and perform query rewrites based on SQLXPress
recommendations. This combination ensured the Order Management System continued to
perform at optimal levels.

The SQLXPress interface is easy for beginners to navigate, yet powerful enough to handle
expert users. SQLXpress helped the client reduce onboarding time of new database
operators and testers by more than 50%, saving time and money, while resulting in highly
engaged new database operators. SQLXPress built-in wizards allowed the client’s DBAs to
quickly respond to tickets for table creation or partition management, which would otherwise be
extremely resource-intensive tasks requiring intimate knowledge of NonStop SQL commands
and syntax.

We never knew what we were missing without SQLXPress.  We’ll never go back.

XYPRO’s Trusted Implementation Services – Secure SQL Database and
HPE NonStop Experts

To help users quickly get up to speed on SQLXPress, the client engaged XYPRO’s
professional services to provide training to their staff. XYPRO ensured the solution was
properly and securely deployed, greatly reducing the time it took the client’s staff to effectively
use the solution.

The Need for Secure Database Management

SQLXPress manages large, complex, mission critical database environments and is the essential companion for HPE NonStop SQL, similar to SQL Management Studio for Microsoft SQL or Quest TOAD for ORACLE. SQLXpress is a productivity-boosting, risk managing tool for database administrators, software developers, quality assurance analysts, and technical support staff.