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Jimmy Treybig, founder of Tandem Computers, reminded everyone of his secret to success last month while presenting at CTUG in Toronto.
“Innovation and Change, without those, you have no success.”

Criminals are constantly finding new and clever ways to exploit security defenses.   Security providers must drive the innovation necessary to counter these attacks to protect business operations and data. The strategy that worked yesterday probably won’t work tomorrow.  That’s why XYPRO is looking beyond what’s there today.  To innovate and develop the solutions that protect youand your business from threats – today and tomorrow.
In a recent article by Tara Seals of Infosecurity Magazine, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s Sue Barsamian, SVP of Enterprise Security Products, pointed out that technologies enabling disruption and innovation also introduce new challenges for enterprise security.  These challenges demand a new approach to security that goes beyond simply protecting the perimeter.  It’s really an approach of protecting users, applications and data and securing the interactions between them.
XYPRO Technology has been a software partner of Tandem and now Hewlett Packard Enterprise since 1983.  Our focus has been almost exclusively on security of the NonStop operating system, applications, and data – since 1990 when our founder Dale Blommendahl recognized that security was going to be one of the single most important parts of technology going forward.  Dale’s visionary approach has certainly been proven true.
In their 2015 Global Cost of Data Breach Study, the Ponemon Institute pointed out the continual rise in cyber attack frequency and the costs associated with resolving cyber incidents. As such, security teams need greater visibility and proactive analysis of their data to enable faster detection and increase response times to avoid a high impact cyber incident. A defensive security posture is no longer a sustainable security strategy.
The same Ponemon study also pointed out that the mean time to detection of a cyber security incident is currently over 200 days. This is mostly due to manual detection and discovery methods used to investigate security incidents. This tends to be a very time consuming and expensive process, often sending security teams down rabbit holes and wasting resources. Attackers have learned that blending their activities in as innocuous user behavior hides their actions as they move around the system.  This is the concept of “low and slow”.
MTTD Chart

Mission critical systems like the HPE Integrity NonStop servers house an organization’s most valuable applications and assets and must be protected against a variety of threats.  Although the NonStop has unique security features not typically seen on other enterprise systems, it is still at risk from insider and outsider threats, misuse, non-compliance and security breaches.  As systems grow larger, faster and more economical, the amount of data generated, and thus put at risk, exponentially increases.  Keeping track of what is happening to that data and those systems becomes a very expensive and inefficient exercise for system operators.  Without proactive control and visibility into their NonStop infrastructure, organizations expose themselves to greater risk. Current solutions do not provide the specialized NonStop security intelligence and contextualization to paint the correct picture for this purpose.
XYPRO is proud to announce XYGATE SecurityOneTM .  A brand new product that provides a comprehensive, single pane of glass approach to control and contextualize NonStop security through policy management, data protection and security analytics.  The result?  Meaningful reduction in the Mean Time To Detection.
XYGATE SecurityOneTM introduces an intelligence platform never seen before for the HPE Integrity NonStop Server.  Leveraging existing native HPE NonStop Security information, all of the XYGATE suite’s extensive security data information and extensive new functionality, XYGATE SecurityOne incorporates multiple NonStop security intelligence data feeds into a single, easy to use, browser interface for a single-view visibility of your NonStop Systems’ security.
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Using our patent-pending technology, XYGATE SecurityOneTM gathers data from multiple disparate NonStop server sources and uses specialized security intelligence algorithms to correlate, contextualize and analyze events. For example, combining application data, user behavior, file operations, network data, command input and other sources to paint a detailed security incident picture in real-time for the NonStop, enabling security operators to hone in on and detect security events before they culminate into an “incident”.  XYGATE SecurityOneTM draws your attention and alerts you to the items you need to be aware of, allowing you to effectively prioritize your response and countermeasures.
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With its summary/detail dashboards and customizable, easy to use browser interface, XYGATE SecurityOneTM  enables you to manage security configurations, harden your system security based on NonStop best practices, measure and enforce compliance and policies on a global level, take the guesswork out of audit and forensic investigations, intelligently analyze your NonStop security data and much more.
This combination of data protection, application security and threat intelligence greatly reduces the likeliness of undesirable and costly post-breach data recovery actions.
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A key feature of XYGATE SecurityOneTM allows the newly generated NonStop specific data to participate with the rest of the enterprise security picture by integrating its data contextually into a SIEM such as HPE ArcSight. No longer will NonStop data be categorized into buckets for binary alerting and reporting. With XYGATE SecurityOneTM, you can now send rich, contextualized incident data to your SIEM to allow the NonStop to participate in the big picture of enterprise security.

Key Features of XYGATE SecurityOneTM

  • Single platform for security management and analysis
  • Patent pending technology
  • Security Intelligence profiles and prioritizes security incidents
  • Real-time incident detection and alerting
  • Contextualize and prioritize incidents
  • Modern browser application Interface
  • Summary/detail dashboards for complete environment visibility
  • Automate policy management, compliance and reporting
  • Simplify forensic investigations
  • Interpret keystroke command audits for context
  • Integrate multiple sources of NonStop data for security analysis
  • Visibility into system, network and user activity
  • User behavior profiling
  • Incorporate NonStop data intelligently into the rest of the enterprise
  • Integrate with SIEMs and other security solutions (ArcSight, QRADAR, Splunk and others)
  • Quickly highlight critical information

All of these features, not previously available for the highly-available, reliable and scalable HPE NonStop server, allow us to bring that groundbreaking server technology, responsible for so much of the Payments, Financial, Telecom and Retail infrastructure around the world, to a place where the ability to monitor the security of the environment is as rock-solid as the performance of the server itself.

Key Benefits

  • Faster threat detection
  • Meaningful reduction in Mean Time to Detection
  • Improved incident response times
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Simplified security operations
  • Improved compliance and policy management
  • Differentiation of noise from actionable incidents
  • Minimize the impact of a breach by identifying it in its earliest stages

As threats evolve, the next generation of security solutions to actively identify these threats and protect the systems our organizations critically depend on need to evolve with them.  XYPRO has been focusing its research and development efforts creating the tools and solutions needed to actively protect the HPE Integrity NonStop Servers from the next generation of threats, increasing the NonStop operators’ efficiency by focusing their security efforts to items on which they should be focusing and ultimately reduce an organization’s Mean Time to Detection.  With over 30 years in NonStop Security, XYPRO is the one source positioned to solve the security challenges of the NonStop industry; today and tomorrow.

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Steve Tcherchian, CISSP
XYPRO Technology
Steve Tcherchian is the CISO for XYPRO Technology. With almost 20 years in the cybersecurity field, Steve is responsible for overseeing XYPRO’s risk, compliance, infrastructure and product security to ensure the best security experience to customers in the mission critical computing marketplace.