The past two years have provided CISOs a bit of a reprieve with respect to protecting company data while employees are in travel mode. While the gulp of fresh air may have felt great, upon exhaling we realize that many of those working from home are in fact traveling for pleasure and to distance themselves from the pandemic to continue working. Now, with the ubiquitous COVID testing and vaccine protocols, business travel is on the uptick. The travel industry opines it will return to pre-pandemic levels in mid- to late-2022.

For this reason, every CISO should ensure their entity is prepared for this influx, which arguably adds a layer of risk. The CISO should be asking questions of C-suite and of their own teams regarding what’s inside the corporate travel program and what needs to be inside the program.

For multinational companies and those where employees traveling with regularity, Steve Tcherchian, CISO and chief product officer at XYPRO, notes how his company includes awareness and procedures with respect to devices and traveling with data across borders, with differentiation between the risk presented by different locales. That said, he adds how separate travel devices are not prepared for each trip.

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