SearchSecurity, August 2020– Which type of CISO are you? Company fit Matters

The role of CISO has grown in profile and importance in recent years, as evolving and escalating digital threats raise the stakes for organizations of every size and stripe. But organizations aren’t always clear about what they want from their CISOs, and CISOs aren’t always clear what kind of leaders they are or want to be.

“CISOs are not the same from company to company and industry to industry,” said Steve Tcherchian, CISO for XYPRO Technology Corp., a cybersecurity analytics company. “We’re still in the infancy of what this role really is and how it fits into the strategic focus of a business.”

As a result, enterprises often look to CISOs themselves to define the role, he added. Experience and personality greatly influence how a given type of CISO leads, often with unforeseen implications for the organization.

“Some CISOs will see an opportunity and drive it forward,” Tcherchian said. “Others in the same role will be risk-averse and maintain the status quo.”

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