Hackernoon, May 30, 2020– Thriving Scams amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Pretending to be the IRS for selling fake vaccines, scammers have kicked in scammers and hackers are playing with people’s emotions to cash in the opportunity since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Online scams have risen during the past few months that Google decided to take action. On Thursday, the search giant launched a new website called Scam Spotter to address the problem.

Scam Spotter urges users to follow three simple rules to avoid getting scammed online: “Slow it down,” “Spot Check,” and “Stop! Don’t send.” The steps highlight some common tricks fraudsters use, such as creating a false sense of urgency so you don’t think about what they’re asking you to do.

Steve Tcherchian Chief Information Security Officer at XYPRO “Criminals love panic and chaos, and they’ll use every opportunity to exploit the situation. As we adapt and try to be productive while juggling kids and multiple spouses working from home, security can sometimes be the last thing on our minds.”

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