Authority Magazine, Feb 27, 2020Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech: “It is a myth that that in order to act like a leader you need to act powerful”, with Lisa Partridge, CEO of XYPRO Technology Corporation

Lisa Partridge, XYPRO Chief Executive Officer & President, I believe what makes XYPRO stand out is our attitude/approach. We are a company that cares and it’s very important to us that our employees know that and that our customers know that. We don’t do everything perfectly but we genuinely try to right any wrongs and always get better.

As a result of this attitude we have enviable employee engagement. Our expectations of performance are high but we also make genuine, honest efforts to have a positive, supportive, innovative workplace. From employee benefits like paid parental leave and ½ day summer Fridays to career path opportunities, leadership and mindfulness training and free onsite yoga. We know happy employees work hard and support the cause. The result is a blue chip customer base with near 100% customer retention rates.

We all use the same credit cards, banks, cellphones, online shopping portals, gift cards, POS devices that you do. We’re building security solutions to protect all of ‘you’ and that means all of ‘us’. Approach every decision from that perspective and it’s easy to care enough to make sure the job is done well.

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