I’m a head down, roll up your sleeves kind of leader. I started out at XYPRO on the ground floor 27 years ago and feel most comfortable in the trenches with the team, making sure they’ve got what they need to be successful.  I know I don’t provide public updates nearly as often as I should, so this blog is an excellent exercise in reflection as the events of a year are distilled into a message that conveys where we’ve been and where we’re going as a company.
The impact we’re having and are still to have on Mission Critical Security & Risk Management is the heartbeat of XYPRO’s  business opportunity and it’s what we identify as our mission.  We’re thrilled with what we accomplished in 2017 and the plans for 2018 that are already coming to fruition.  In addition to 2017 being another record revenue year, it was an exemplary year for us in several areas.
Following an executive restructuring in Q1 we were able to streamline our product management and engineering divisions, improving product vision, time to market and overall company communication and productivity.
In March we finalized XYPRO’s acquisition of Canadian database specialist Merlon Software Corporation, which increased our global client base and added a sophisticated suite of Database Management products to our HPE NonStop Mission Critical Software catalog and a great group of people to our company.  Amalgamating the very experienced team from Merlon with the growing XYPRO family was new territory for us and has proven to be a very rewarding experience.
A key factor to ensuring happy customers is to make sure that people enjoy coming to work every day.  One of the ways we try to accomplish this is ensuring that each employee knows they are a valuable contributor to our success and in Q2, 2017 we were honored as one of Inc. Magazine’s “Best Places to Work 2017”.   Happy employees give their best and make sure that customers know we’re on their side.
In November we officially released our new Security Intelligence & Risk Management solution, XYGATE SecurityOne (XS1).  This milestone marks a significant shift towards marrying our expertise in HPE NonStop server security with innovative, truly cutting-edge technology focused on reducing risk in the Mission Critical environment.  Navy Federal Credit Union, one of those first deployments, has written an article about the experience and benefits gained from XYGATE SecurityOne.
It’s already the end of Q1 2018 and we’re off to a busy start!  XYPRO’s annual corporate kick-off was held in February and we marched headlong into our new year!  We celebrated team success with a marching band and a fantastic group photo that highlights our energy, diversity, enthusiasm and camaraderie.

Q1 2018 also marks the release of a brand new product – XYGATE Identity Connector.  Our new technology partnership with SailPoint, a proven leader in enterprise Identity Management,  means that XYPRO provides the first and only SailPoint-certified integration for HPE NonStop servers.

What drives us every day?  What is XYPRO’s raison d’etre? We all live our daily lives relying on technology.  Mission Critical security solutions allow us to securely shop, bank, manage our finances and stock portfolios, wire money and pay for things with credit cards, mobile phones and all types of newer tech innovations. At the heart of these activities is the digital core where your data resides – moving, talking, transacting, doing what data does.  At XYPRO, we believe that no data is more important than your data and we protect your data like it’s our own.  Because it is.
Lisa Partridge, CEO
XYPRO Technology
P.S.  Watch for more exciting product announcements over the next few months as well as an update on the “patent pending” status of the technology behind XS1!

Right before publication of this article, we learned about the passing of our HPE NonStop Security colleague, Thomas Burg, CTO of comForte 21 GmbH.  Thomas’s enthusiasm for information security was genuine and the NonStop community is better off because of Thomas’s contributions.  We send our condolences to Thomas’s family and the team at comForte.  Respect.

A friendly game between XYPRO & comForte. (Thomas Burg, Henning Horst, Sean Bicknell & Steve Tcherchian)