Hospitality Technology, April 9, 2020COVID-19 Is Making Businesses More Vulnerable Than Ever to Phishing, Smishing and Vishing By Michal Christine Escobar

Over the last few years, hotels have often been a target of cyber criminals. Their databases contain a treasure trove of information that can be very useful on the black market for identity fraud including names, passport or driver’s license numbers, addresses and payment details. Bad actors have numerous ways they try to trick hotel employees into providing them with access to these databases. For example, last year there was a “significant cybercrime campaign targeting hotel front desk systems,” says Steve Tcherchian, Chief Information Security Officer, XYPRO. Why? Because “Front desks are often the busiest part of a hotel, [and] the front desks job is to help people as quickly as effectively as possible, so security ends up being an afterthought.”

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