Zenefits, June 24, 2020– Addressing Social Issues and Racism in the Workplace

Hiring and promotion

Disparities in hiring and advancement based on race persist among Black and Hispanic employees, a recent survey discovered. Prompted by Floyd’s death, Blind — an anonymous network of largely technology professionals — found that while 47% of White respondents think that upper management understands racial differences, only 34% of Hispanic and 19% of Black respondents agreed. When respondents were asked whether their ethnicity was reflected in upper management ranks, 76% of Whites said yes. Only 21% of Hispanic and 10% of Black workers responded yes.

Black and Hispanic workers in the Blind study overwhelmingly felt underrepresented in their companies. However, better recruiting strategies might have changed the study results.

Melodie Bond-Hillman, PhD, senior manager, HR and Administration at XYPRO Technology Corporation, told Workest that to attract diverse job candidates, her company recruits from as broad a talent pool as possible. She also cited training as a key factor in hiring and maintaining a diverse workforce and fostering employee social interaction.

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