September 23, 2020 7 remote onboarding tips to improve the new-hire experience

Onboarding new hires is one of the trickier aspects HR teams must face when using a work-from-home model. These seven tips on remote onboarding provide guidance.

“Due to [COVID-19], many employees may be starting jobs in a remote environment for the first time, and special consideration must be made to help them adapt to working from home,” said Melodie Bond-Hillman, director of HR and administration at XYPRO Technology Corporation, a cybersecurity provider based in Simi Valley, Calif.

Even new hires in top managerial roles and with years of experience can find this new work reality challenging.

1. Maximize preboarding

Your HR team can get most of the rote tasks completed during the preboarding process.

“Use this time to complete as much of the paperwork as possible, and use an HRIS to allow employees to e-sign documents,” Bond-Hillman said.

Making the most of preboarding will enable you to focus on higher-value aspects of onboarding on the new employee’s first day.

“New hire paperwork should be launched the moment the employee signs the offer,” she said. “We send offer letters out through our HRIS system which, once e-signed, triggers the onboarding and background check process to launch.”

2. Prevent a negative experience

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