The 100 | Our Employees are as Important as our Customers

When reflecting on XYPRO’s longevity and success (we recently welcomed our 100th employee and have celebrated many years of consistent gains), we often assess whether we’re continuing to do the things that got us here, even as we grow.  Why do our customers continue to buy from us?  What differentiates us from our competition?   Do we have our finger on the pulse of the industry?  Are we innovating? Maybe they like our sales team, or our professional services rep that helped them with the installation.  Maybe they had an excellent experience with our customer support team.  Maybe it’s some or all of these things.

At XYPRO, we cultivate relationships with our clients for years.  Even decades.  In addition to investing in our software, they’re also investing in us.  People buy from people and we like being the ones you want to work with.   The same is true for the people that work here.

What does it take to become a company that workers want to be part of? Inc. magazine says it’s more than good pay and good perks – it’s also about having a clear purpose, a sense of humor, and leadership that makes the two work together.

We recognize that a willingness to try new things in both technology and mindful corporate culture engages employees and attracts the type of open minded, hard-working, forward thinking employees we want on our team.  XYPRO endeavors to let our core values guide our decisions and help motivate.  Many XYPRO programs are specifically put in place to achieve an environment in which the customer experience is paramount, employees feel valued and want to stay and contribute their best, long term.

XYPRO is one of the honorees of Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work 2017.  As part of a prominent feature, the list is the result of a wide-ranging and comprehensive measurement of private American companies who have created exceptional workplaces through vibrant cultures, deep employee engagement, and stellar benefits. Out of thousands of applicants, Inc. singled out just over 200 winning companies and we were one of those companies!

At XYPRO, we’re not here to mark the time between 8 and 5. Our customers deserve our best effort, as coworkers we deserve each other’s best efforts and in a company of our size, everyone plays a part in the success.  XYPRO Leadership is responsible for the example we set and the appreciation we show our team & our customers.  We take that responsibility seriously.  It’s always about more than just business.

Going beyond the sale

It is often said “people do business with people the like” but more importantly, people do business with people they trust. “Like” is a byproduct of that trust.

At XYPRO we understand that what we do today, matters today. It also matters tomorrow, next month, next year and even next decade. Like our customers, XYPRO is in business for the long haul and in a niche, global market with incremental, yet consistent growth, our honesty, integrity, and trust are just as important to our customers as are quality, innovation and our best of breed products and services.

Whenever a decision is made to purchase a XYPRO product or service, whether for the first time or for the 21st time, the people our customers are most directly engaged with are our Sales Team. For this reason we strive to make sure our sales team are the right fit for the role and don’t just produce the right results.

Our sales team is made up of sales professionals with extensive backgrounds in enterprise level sales and service, NonStop security fundamentals and an underlying compassion for the needs of our customers. “Sales” and “professionalism” aren’t always combined in the same sentence or in context with each other, but the XYPRO sales team is different.

Our sales and sales-support team is spread across the globe; USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Mexico, the UK and Argentina. They are as close to you, our customers, as they can be and are driven to serve.

It takes a unique individual to be a XYPRO salesperson. You will most often see our sales team at your place of work, in your home city or at a trade event in another city. There can be a sense of glamour associated with the life of a travelling salesperson and to some level, that may be true yet the reality is that your place of work, your home city or the city you are in for a trade event is rarely, if ever, their place of work or their home city, and they do this day in and day out. They understand this is their profession and like all other professions, they have a purpose and are needed. They too understand that they are an integral part to XYPRO’s success and that the corporate culture that XYPRO has fostered over the last 35 years is also the culture they enjoy and are part of, regardless of where they are in the world.  Our primary intention is to serve our customers in the best way possible and in doing so, that culture also serves to create one of the best working environments anyone could hope for.

Innovating for the future

“The only thing constant is change”

The allure of innovation is what drives a lot of people. Everyone wants to be part of the next big thing.

However, change for the sake of change doesn’t always equal progress. Innovation in most cases is a diminutive experience requiring multiple iterations and a lot of time and patience to execute an idea to move it forward, but there is no room for complacency.  To be successful, one must find the balance between innovating and delivering genuine value to the customer.  This is ultimately what technology companies are after.  

At XYPRO, we are not afraid of change. Leveraging the technology we have built over the last three decades has allowed us to identify new opportunities to innovate while staying true to our roots. We felt the NonStop should benefit from the modern technology available to other platforms. This strategy has allowed our customers to take advantage of the existing XYGATE product suite as well as benefit from the exciting new technologies we are investing in:   Security Intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, modernization and much more.

One of our largest projects to date is XYGATE SecurityOne (XS1), which is a security analytics solution. Data is what drives everything; from business decisions to where to eat lunch. Security is no different. We realized that the existing XYGATE product suite supplies a gold mine of security data that can be used for contemporary purposes.  With XS1, we took a nontraditional approach toward development and it has paid off. Embracing Agile Development methodologies allowed our teams to quickly and continuously deliver deployable product. Combine that with a web enablement framework, modern programming languages and some of the newest technology available and we’re cooking with gas!  Innovating in this manner also allowed us to attract top tier talent to work on XS1 ensuring high caliber execution. As part of the process, we brought in seasoned User Experience Developers, Machine Learning Scientists and other senior development resources. This all culminated into the most modern and easy to use security solution for the HPE NonStop server…and beyond.

Our product development and innovation efforts don’t stop there. We unflinchingly look forward to identify where our research and development investments should be made to best serve our customers. This commitment has led us to new areas that will provide even greater value and security to NonStop customers and integrating the NonStop with the rest of the enterprise.

Inspiring the next generation of NonStop users

In the continuing effort to keep the HPE NonStop server modern and “young”, XYPRO has a proven effective internship program where students from local universities get to participate and grow their skills in different areas of a software development company. Being an intern at XYPRO means participating in real projects, building sophisticated security solutions for mission critical operations and solving real problems for real customers. The year-round internship program hosts between 10 and 15 interns at any given point in time.

Some of our 2017 Interns

XYPRO 2017 Spring Graduates

Through this ongoing internal education and mentorship program as well as external education opportunities, our young engineers learn the principles of information security, the NonStop server and how it fits into today’s global economy.

XYPRO’s talent recruitment program means some interns stay on with us as part-time or full-time employees and genuinely contribute with new ideas and modern approaches to research projects, modernization of legacy technology and expansion of our current suite of security solutions. Since the establishment of the internship program in 2011, XYPRO has converted over a dozen interns to employees in the areas of IT, systems administration, customer support, software development, QA, Business Analysis, and Project Management.   

Those that end up moving on to other ventures, do so with our best wishes, an understanding of information security, NonStop concepts and principles and a genuine appreciation for the unique capabilities of the platform.

In this issue of the Connection Magazine highlighting “The Best of NonStop”, we’re proud to discuss our clients and our team members.  When one describes their ideal professional situation, it is a privilege to work for and with those we can honestly say are simply the best.

There are some really exciting times up ahead – so stay tuned!

XYPRO Technology