SIMI VALLEY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–XYPRO Technology Corporation, the market leader in HPE NonStop Server security, audit, compliance, and FIPS-validated encryption solutions, today announced that its XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) software solution will now be included with the HPE NonStop Operating System for the recently-announced platforms.

The XUA software addition allows customers to strengthen NonStop security with increased user authentication controls, logon management, and enterprise integration. Key functionality includes: granular logon controls, user group logon rules, logon-specific audit reports, time-based logon controls, controlled impersonation capabilities, LDAP interface for the NonStop Server (enabling single sign-on) and support for RSA SecurID Tokens.

“Strong user authentication and logon controls are a fundamental best practice in securing mission critical systems and are also needed to comply with industry regulations, like PCI DSS,” said Lisa Partridge, President, XYPRO. “Bundling XUA software with the NonStop OS distribution strengthens security within the NonStop user community and provides customers increased consistency and significant savings.”

XUA software is bundled with orders of the latest NonStop Server Platforms, the NB56000c and NB56000c-cg. For other NonStop J-series systems, customers can purchase an upgrade to their Security Bundle. For H-series systems, XUA software continues to be available as an independent product from HPE and can also be directly purchased from and supported by XYPRO.

As it has been since 2010, XYPRO’s XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) software will continue to be included with the HPE NonStop OS for all new J-series and H-series systems. XMA is also available via OS upgrade for existing systems.

XMA provides consolidated NonStop security event auditing and monitoring, real-time alerting, audit reporting and integration with enterprise Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) systems such as HPE ArcSight.


Founded in 1983, XYPRO Technology Corporation is the market leader in HPE NonStop server security, audit, compliance assessment and FIPS-validated encryption solutions. XYPRO solutions meet the strict requirements of companies who manage, access and transport sensitive data using heterogeneous hardware platforms and multiple communications media. XYPRO helps mission critical businesses manage their security risks, protect assets and gain a competitive edge through compliance, while improving efficiency.


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