It can be difficult to enforce proper change management in an expanding IT ecosystem. Inadequate change control exposes you to cybersecurity risks and compliance issues. Servicenow IT Service Management (ITSM) is the primary solution for IT change management in many environments. ServiceNow ensures that all activity is tracked and visible by using an approved change ticket. Integrating your mission-critical systems and applications with ServiceNow is literally “critical”.

ServiceNow and XYPRO

XYPRO’s ServiceNow add-on for XYGATE Access Control (XAC) integrates your HPE NonStop servers with Servicenow ITSM. XAC sessions validate privileged commands against Problem, Change, and Incident Tickets using a secure REST API for granting or denying execution based on the response from ServiceNow. This integration eliminates the time-consuming, post-processing manual effort required to match NonStop-executed commands with individual ServiceNow tickets.

Flexible Ticket Validation

The ServiceNow add-on for XAC validates privileged commands with ServiceNow based on any combination of the following factors:

  • Ticket Number
  • User
  • System
  • Date/Time Window
  • Command Syntax
  • And more…

Even if the user has the necessary system permissions, privileged command execution is denied if the appropriate values cannot be validated with ServiceNow. This tightens security controls for privileged sessions and eliminates user error.

Lightweight and Secure

The ServiceNow add-on is a lightweight service that attaches to your existing XAC environment and sets up in minutes. Requests for ticket validation/verification are sent to predefined web service endpoints through secure REST API calls using a secure transport framework (SSL/TLS enabled). A TACL user interface prompts the user for ServiceNow ticket information and prepares the REST API request. The module includes a request template that you can easily extend to support new APIs or update to remove deprecated APIs as your requirements change. The module’s user interface processes the response from ServiceNow and either grants or denies access to the requested resource.

For more information, please check out our recent webinar where our Chief Architect Jorge Alonzo shows us just how seamless we make integrating your HPE NonStop servers with ServiceNow ITSM. Eliminate complex, after-the-fact manual effort otherwise required to match NonStop executed commands with individual ServiceNow tickets.

Servicenow Integration for HPE NonStop Servers