Thank you to everyone who attended TBC 2020! It was very well organized and we are sending a big thank you to the teams at HPE and  Connect! XYPRO had a wonderful time connecting with all of you in the HPE NonStop community. Our presentations are all available on XYPRO’s Youtube Channel.

Here’s a summary of what was covered:

Success & Covid19 – Strength, Capacity, Caring & Compassion

At XYPRO, part of accepting this new working from home reality is making a conscious effort to shift our mindset to strategies aimed at providing employees with a sense of stability in a crazy time.  We emphasize communication, empathy, teamwork and employee engagement.  These strategies help us foster a desirable work environment which translates into XYPRO’s ability to remain focused and productive 

XYPRO’s Director of Human Resources, Dr. Melodie Bond-Hillman describes how XYPRO prepared for and is handling the Covid-19 pandemic, moving to 100% work from home, helping our employees work effectively when most of them had never worked remotely before, mental health, retaining company culture and planning for a possible return to the office.

Modernizing Cybersecurity:  Building a Strategy That Works

Once your network and systems have been compromised, there is no going back.  The best you can do is contain the damage as quickly as possible.  The current mean time to detect a cybersecurity breach is still 60 days! That means that hackers are in your network, on your systems, doing what they want for two months before you know, IF they’re ever detected at all.  

The damage to your systems, the loss of your critical data, the damage to your customers and the loss of their trust, the impact to your company’s reputation and potentially to your career is immeasurable.  These are the things that keep leaders up at night.  

XYGATE Merged Audit and XYGATE User Authentication – XYPRO Security Education

Learn how to install and configure XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) and XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA), both of which are already included with every HPE NonStop server, to properly secure your systems and applications from a catastrophic security breach and ensure compliance with all the latest regulations.

Learn how to configure XUA for authentication controls to restrict access by users, groups, ip address port and more. We’ll then focus on integrations such as Microsoft Active Directory for Single Sign-On to integrate your HPE NonStop servers with the rest of your enterprise and RSA SecurID for Multi-Factor Authentication to address the latest PCI-DSS requirements.

The second half focuses on XMA. How to configure collectors to gather data from various NonStop security sources, as well as data filtering and database management concepts. We’ll integrate the collected data into analytics tools like SPLUNK, IBM QRADAR, RSA Netwitness and demonstrate how you too can create useful, rich security dashboards, reports and alerts. 

Proactive Risk Management – HDFC, India’s Largest Private Bank Modernizes Cybersecurity

XYGATE SecurityOne™ (XS1)Join Shailesh Khochare, Senior Vice President, Head Data Processing Centre, IT Security Operations & Compliance for HDFC as he discusses HDFC’s use of XYGATE SecurityOne (XS1), the “single pane of glass” solution to contextualize, prioritize and control HPE NonStop and ACI Base24 security incidents.