In most mission-critical environments, SAP HANA is the lifeblood of an organization. SAP HANA (High-performance ANalytic Appliance) is a highly performant, highly scalable in-memory database that serves as a platform for enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and other business workloads that need to analyze data in real-time.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is the #1 system provider for SAP HANA* with over 40 percent market share—more than the next three vendors combined—and is the leader in deployments of SAP HANA appliances, tailored data center integration (TDI), SAP® BW/4HANA®, and SAP S/4HANA®. With nearly 25,000 customers and over 34,000 servers running SAP applications on HPE hardware HPE bring a unique understanding of SAP and SAP HANA environments for customers of all sizes and with all types of workloads.

HP Enterprise

HPE understands the demand SAP HANA requires from server and storage environments to keeping mission-critical applications protected and secure, modernizing your digital core.

Many organizations find it difficult to achieve and stay in compliance with the latest security and regulatory requirements with regard to SAP HANA. Evolving industry regulations put additional stress on security professionals to maintain system security policies.

According to the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report, over 70% of global organizations are not prepared to handle a sophisticated cyberattack. And the costs are huge—on average, a data breach costs an organization over $4.24 million. Add the more difficult to measure, but very real costs of data loss, customer trust, and reputation damage, and these figures quickly multiply. With the frequency of cyberattacks increasing and currently standing at approximately 100 million data records every day, you need to take action to protect your data.

Consider the following:

  • Are you confident of the security compliance of your business-critical workloads?
  • Is your compliance level current to address evolving threats?
  • Do you thoroughly understand the risks of your business operations and data?

Security compliance for SAP HANA is challenging
When deploying SAP HANA, adherence to the SAP HANA security guidelines is a monumental and expensive effort. The SAP security guide for hardening SAP HANA now exceeds 800 pages. This doesn’t include hardening the RedHat or SUSE Linux operating system to meet Center of Internet Security (CIS) compliance benchmarks. HPE research has found that out-of-box Linux distributions are less than 50% compliant with industry standards. To achieve full compliance, organizations are required to harden systems with manual effort and scripts. Performing these processes manually across multiple systems in multiple locations is burdensome to IT teams as they are cumbersome, prone to human error, and can consume months of staff time to evaluate, remediate, deploy, and maintain security compliance.

The Difference Maker: Automated security compliance with WASL
With decades of expertise in securing the most critical and demanding IT environments in the world, XYPRO Technology, together with Hewlett Packard Enterprise has strengthened its mission-critical security offerings with a unique security compliance solution for Linux® and SAP HANA® workloads—Workload Aware Security Layer (WASL). WASL is designed to provide efficient, industry-standard compliance at the operating system and application levels. Unlike other products in the market that rely on security services or require manual effort and custom scripting, WASL automates the security compliance process. WASL reduces security compliance deployment time for Linux operating systems and SAP HANA® workloads from months to minutes.

With a single click, WASL hardens both the Linux operating system and the SAP HANA workload to achieve over 90% security compliance. The remaining effort requires minimal input, such as a password or log file location.WASL unburdens IT, teams, fortifying the business, and lowering costs to achieve quick time to value. Through a single-pane-of-glass, WASL quickly assesses the security posture of your SAP HANA environment and exposure to threats.

WASL’s intuitive, consolidated dashboard continuously monitors compliance for your operating systems and mission-critical workloads, a key activity, especially after an O/S update. WASL remediates non-compliant issues with a single click and, if needed, rolls back to a previous compliant version – something other compliance solutions cannot do. WASL is customizable – adding, modifying, and silencing rules in accordance with security policies specific to your country/location/industry. WASL can define roles such as user, administrator, policy officer, operator, security auditor, and more. WASL also generates audit reports. With such powerful security capabilities at your fingertips, costly third-party security services can be avoided, and the risk of fines and legal costs for non-compliance is mitigated.
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