emergency preparedness

Preparing for the Big One

Dr. Melodie Bond-Hillman
Manager HR & Administration

As an HR manager, I strive to help foster a culture of caring and a sense of togetherness. September was emergency preparedness month and XYPRO Technology held weekly group activities to engage employees and help them prepare for emergencies at work and at home.
cpr trainingIt’s important to me that we invest in employees and offer them opportunities for enrichment when possible.  We provided CPR/AED Training certification for those interested in receiving their certification.   It was an opportunity to bond and learn potentially lifesaving skills. Twenty-two employees are now certified in adult and child CPR/AED training (that’s almost 30% percent of our employee base).

We met with safety teams and practiced our evacuation drill and discussed how we can be more effective and move faster should a real emergency occur.
Additionally, we held an earthquake preparedness refresher training lunch and learn session, which more than anything was a reminder that earthquakes can strike at any time and highlighted the importance of being prepared.
In tune with our collaborative culture, many employees shared their own tips and experiences from past earthquakes and we realized many of our millennial employees have never experienced a larger magnitude quake!

We started off the month of September feeling like we knew what we should do in an emergency in theory, but we ended September with the practical knowledge and more importantly, improved our trust and confidence in each other and as a group to manage through emergency situations.