TechRound LogoWe’ve collected predictions from industry experts on what 2022 could bring to cybersecurity. In 2021 we continued to see an increased pressure on cybersecurity for businesses, hackers taking advantage of the remote shift in the way we work. Explore part 2 of our cybersecurity predictions for 2022, with comments from a range of industry experts.

Cryptocurrency becomes a target: “With interest rates (currently) at all time lows, and hyper-inflation and the U.S. stock market at all time highs, investors are looking at better returns on their money. Apps like CoinBase, Robinhood, eToro and others can make investing available to even the most technologically novice user. This could potentially be a recipe for disaster.

Steve Tcherchian, Chief Product Officer at XYPRO

Embrace ZERO Trust Security: “We are all used to the traditional security model of authenticating to the perimeter VPN or a cloud application then carrying on our tasks. This “Trust but Verify” strategy assumes everything within an organisation’s network is trusted, and not already breached. Once a user is authenticated to the VPN, they can move around to any resource to which they have access. The assumption is the user is who they say they are, the user’s account is not compromised and that the user will act responsibly.”

“In short, this model leaves organisations vulnerable to credential theft, low and slow attacks, and malicious insiders. Essentially all authenticated users are trusted on the network.”

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