Companies and governments desperately need cybersecurity talent. Every day, new threats emerge, and there are only so many cybersecurity experts with the skills and experience necessary to recognize and shut down vulnerabilities. That means lots of job opportunities out there—but do you need actual cybersecurity certifications in order to land a position?

To answer that question, we spoke to several experts in the cybersecurity realm. Given all the specializations within cybersecurity, it’s also a question of which cybersecurity certifications (if any) you should aim for.

“Certifications provide a level of credibility to your resume, as well as reinforce and refresh your qualifications that you are staying current with industry trends. I always recommend the Certified Information Systems Security Professional Cert (CISSP). For years, this has been the dominating certification in the cybersecurity industry. It is still a top tier certification, and I would recommend anyone serious about a career in cybersecurity.”

Steve Tcherchian
Chief Product Officer
XYPRO Technology Corporation

What are the best cybersecurity certifications?

“Networking engineering skills are the foundation that all cyber professionals need first,” says Jacob Hess, Air Force veteran and founder of NGT Academy. “Specialized programs that upskill quickly while still offering not only the certifications and standards of the industry, but also additional hands-on skill sets and protocols are necessary to accommodate this workforce transition.”

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