At XYPRO we just celebrated Kick-off.  At this annual gathering of our entire XYPRO staff from around the world at HQ in Simi Valley, California, we review the events of 2015 and set the goals for 2016.  It’s also a time of internal education, process review & improvement, information gathering, employee feedback and overall company bonding.
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At XYPRO we believe this exchange is a useful tool for everyone to understand “how we got there as a team”.  No one operates independently. Our success is a collective success, a result of collaboration and understanding one’s role in the overall process and taking responsibility for that role.
In my January Blog last year, I described how 2014 was a year of big changes.  A management buy-out and a restructuring of senior leadership positions.  Well 2015 ended up being even more exciting.  Full of changes, some challenges and many triumphs.
2015 meant a 23% growth in revenue over 2014, which had also been a record-breaking year.
In addition to financial and staffing growth, we also celebrated HPE choosing the XYGATE Data Protection (XDP), (powered by HPE Data Security’s SecureData) to be resold by the HPE NonStop salesforce.  This joint solution from HPE protects your sensitive data end-to-end throughout the enterprise.
KENHPEXDPIndia-1 Ken HPE Price Book
Earlier in the year, XYPRO successfully met HPE’s timeframes to have our suite of security and access control solutions tested and ready to be used on the exciting and new HPE NonStop X Hardware.  If that wasn’t enough, we also took delivery of our very own HPE Integrity NonStop X NS3 X1 – the first in North America!
2015 was also a year XYPRO invested heavily in R&D.  In fact, the commitment to new security solutions that meet modern, enterprise-wide and NonStop specific risk management needs was unprecedented in our company history.  XDP came from this commitment, as did the newest product to be born to the XYGATE Family:  XYGATE SecurityOneTM (XS1), which was revealed at the NonStop Technical Bootcamp in San Jose this past November, receiving an incredible reception from the HPE Integrity NonStop User community.
XS1 and its patent-pending technology provides real-time Security Intelligence and Analytics for the HPE Integrity NonStop Server.  XS1 is designed to actively detect NonStop-specific indicators of compromise and alert on suspicious activity by gathering data from disparate sources that also include user behavior and use specialized security intelligence algorithms to correlate, contextualize and analyze events to paint a detailed security incident picture for the NonStop server in real-time, significantly & meaningfully reducing Mean Time to Detection (MTTD).
SecurityOne 2015
Strong growth forecasts and product plans indicate the growth experienced in 2015 will continue for the HPE Integrity Nonstop server and XYPRO.  As we ride the momentum into 2016, we will continue working with and helping our customers with industry-leading solutions for their mission critical security needs.  We will continue to provide new and innovative ways for our customers to secure their systems and manage risk on the NonStop server in today’s security landscape.  Customer success is at the forefront of what we do.  Here’s to a great 2016 together!

Lisa Partridge, CEO
XYPRO Technology