XYPRO kick-off is an important event in our company culture and in this annual blog, I like to include anecdotes about what was covered in this yearly “all-hands in California” gathering and share the excellent news about XYPRO’s growth.   This year due to a busy calendar, XYPRO’s annual corporate kick-off, which usually takes place in January, was delayed until February.
Here at XYPRO we like to celebrate;   Donut Day, Ada Lovelace Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Customer Service Day, Administrative Professionals Day, Hot Dog Day…. you get the picture.  Any excuse to celebrate, we’ll take it, we’re a pretty happy group!  Here are pictures of us enjoying a day of team building games and soap box car building and racing.

This year we took great pleasure presenting to the XYPRO family on a great many things, not the least of which is being able to enjoy yet another year of record growth for XYPRO.

2015 was huge for us and we knew it was going to be hard to match let alone beat in 2016.  We did it though, thanks to the hard work of the entire company and some strategic partnerships.  In the specific category of revenue, I am happy to thank our sales, marketing & professional services teams!
By integrating their activities more closely than ever before, we excelled across all regions to communicate our message, work with customers and meet very challenging sales targets.  The success of sales, marketing & professional services allows us to facilitate necessary growth in other areas like infrastructure and personnel.

In 2016 our team grew.  XYPRO’s increase in our direct customer base over the last several years, coupled with the responsibility of supplying multiple RVU products with the HPE NonStop operating system means we are a customer-focused, deadline-driven engineering team.  In addition to meeting our obligations in those areas, it is also imperative we continue to innovate in security solutions, development methodologies and quality assurance techniques.  The responsibility XYPRO takes on to ensure we meet current and future customer demand while adopting modern development practices and staying on the cutting edge of technology implores the addition of new skills to our engineering organization.  We endeavor to consciously embrace these ideals when adding new team members.  The result?  A beautifully diverse group of highly skilled people, working together to deliver the best & most useful security solutions to the mission critical server space.   It’s not always smooth sailing and there are always some bumps when making big changes like this but I am proud of the way it’s being handled and I credit the dedication and hard work of our Engineering organization.

Internal Engineering Lunch & Learn session

Some of XYPRO’s 2016 Interns “My experience at XYPRO truly sealed the deal in regards to my love for computer science.” – Brady Goldman

My Time at XYPRO and How it got me Where I am Today

Other effects of growth are reflected in the infrastructure improvements within XYPRO from an employee engagement perspective.  Emphasis is placed on employing more modern HR practices, generous employee benefits, finance & accounting practices.  We’ve come leaps and bounds in the last several years and for that effort and success I credit the Finance & Administration teams!  We look forward to implementing even more of these improvements in 2017!
At the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp last November, HPE Security – Data Security introduced the new HPE SecureData Transparent Data Protection solution to the market.  HPE SecureData Transparent Data Protection for HPE NonStop is XYPRO’s XYGATE Data Protection (XDP)—engineered and deeply integrated with HPE SecureData Enterprise to add new high value data protection features and benefits for the HPE NonStop customer community.  This closer partnership with HPE Data Security builds on our previous relationship that already had XDP working exclusively with SecureData to seamlessly enable Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) and Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) to NonStop users.  Now, with SecureData Transparent Data Protection, customers can get the entire solution from HPE Data Security.  In addition, now that XDP is a component of SecureData Transparent Data Protection, our engineering and product teams are working more closely together than ever before, ensuring a easy-to-use, integrated solution that provides the same capabilities on NonStop as the rest of the enterprise.

For those of you familiar with XYPRO, you know that XYGATE SecurityOne (XS1), our new security intelligence & analytics solution, is currently in active beta testing at customer sites.  XS1 is by far the most high profile project within XYPRO, taking advantage of resources in every discipline. The project has been such a success that we’re already scheduling the GA rollout to our early adopters and we’ll be going live very soon.
Finally, and most importantly, we’d like to thank you, our XYPRO customers.  Many of you have been with us since the launch of the very first XYGATE security modules in 1991 and have worked with us over the years to improve and expand the product line.  We’re also privileged to recently welcome many of you to the family.  Thank you for your trust and thank you for your business.  Meeting the needs of users of the XYPRO solutions is paramount as we continue improving, innovating and growing to meet the needs of the market.  Innovation without sacrificing customer satisfaction is our primary objective.

We begin 2017 with a great deal of optimism, enthusiasm and excitement. If 2016 proved anything, it’s that the NonStop market continues to be viable and we will be introducing new products, new services and new people into our family.  For a look back at 2016 and to follow along in 2017, I invite you to visit the XYPRO Technology Blog page: https://xypro.com/blog/

Lisa Partridge
XYPRO Technology Corporation

HPE NonStop Security