HPE Software from XYPRO

Delivering HPE NonStop risk management solutions longer than anyone, we strive for meaningful and strategic business relationships while providing great support and delivering leading edge security solutions.  That strong relationship with HPE is why several XYPRO solutions ship with the HPE NonStop operating system and are there for you on day one, with nothing additional to purchase.  

XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA)

XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA), included with every HPE NonStop server, is the HPE supported method for integrating your NonStop data with log management and analytics solutions, like Splunk, Arcsight and many more.  XMA collects audit data from all HPE NonStop and Application data sources and easily integrates with your enterprise SIEM or SOAR in real-time.

XMA is your central repository for all NonStop security data. Once data is collected and enriched, it is utilized, by many applications, for indexing, alerting and reporting.

XMA is a comprehensive data audit solution that enables businesses to meet security, audit and compliance requirements across the entire enterprise.

Benefits and Features

  • Collect Data from any HPE NonStop and Application Source
  • Forward data to both on premise or cloud environments
  • Integrate with Splunk, RSA Netwitness, ElasticSearch, Logrhythm, Arcsight and more
  • Highly scalable, reliable and secure
  • Nothing additional to purchase. You already own it!

XMA installs in minutes.  Easy to use and flexible configuration options quickly focus on the most important data in your environment. Use predefined compliance templates, such as PCI DSS or define your own reports through its graphical user interface wizard.

XMA provides event monitoring, alerting and automating response and remediation.  Easily extend capabilities to your critical business applications for the integration of data with analytics engines.  HPE NonStop Splunk Integration was our most popular webinar of 2020 – watch it here!

XYGATE User Authentication (XUA)

XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) is also included on your HPE NonStop servers and ready to turn on with no additional software or infrastructure investment. XUA delivers industry standard, multi-factor authentication (MFA) . Integrate your NonStop environment with enterprise authentication providers such as Microsoft Active Directory, RSA SecurID, Google Authenticator, and many others.

This single sign-on functionality allows you to use your corporate credentials to log into your NonStop servers and applications. XUA extends Safeguard’s capabilities by providing granular logon controls, including restrictions based on IP address, port, time of day and requesting user or group.

XUA integrates with XYGATE Merged Audit for reporting and alerting of authentication events, is forwarded to Splunk or other log management solutions for compliance.

XYGATE Application MFA is an add-on to your standard XUA environment that strengthens the security of existing HPE NonStop applications with industry leading, multi-factor authentication.  Protect almost any application with MFA. XYGATE Application MFA offers multiple  implementations: Screen Cobol Applications, ACI’s BASE24 and more. It sets up in minutes and integrates with your existing XUA environment.