Our online security has always been of paramount importance, now more so than ever, because of the increasing cybercrime threats. Especially considering the amount of personal data people store and upload online, it has become critical to upgrade your security. To do that, among the best-proven methods is 2-factor authentication. While relatively simple, this method significantly lowers potential cyber risks.

So what is 2-factor authentication, and how does it help in cybersecurity? We had the experts come in to answer this one. Cybersecurity experts explain how this method effectively deters cybercriminals and protects your digital life.

Even though we’ve already seen too many breaches lately targeting privileged accounts, we will see these types of attacks continue. Passwords are archaic. One true way to combat this risk is by introducing a second factor for authentication. A second factor adds a layer of complexity to the authentication process but provides immense value in terms of addressing the risk.

Steve Tcherchian
CISO and Chief Product Officer

We’ve heard for years that multi-factor authentication should be turned on for everything, yet it’s rarely implemented. Until we shift our mindset and sacrifice a little bit of convenience for a massive amount of security – these types of massive, high-profile attacks will only continue to increase in 2022.

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